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Ready to elevate your understanding of Data Governance and Digital Transformation?

What is HGLearn?

Welcome to HGLearn, our premiere series of virtual and onsite training workshops geared to provide learners with a gateway to unparalleled growth and excellence in quality and compliance.

HGLearn offers customizable trainings for pharmaceutical and biotech companies designed to educate groups ranging from C-suite corporate stakeholders to manufacturing floor technicians and operators.

What we do

Data Governance Expertise

We specialize in helping our clients establish robust data governance frameworks that enable effective data management, data quality assurance, and compliance. With our guidance, clients gain a clear understanding of their data assets, ensure data integrity, and navigate regulatory complexities, fostering trust and accountability within their organizations.

Digital Transformation Leadership

We lead our clients through the digital transformation journey, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices to optimize their operations, enhance decision-making capabilities, and improve efficiency. By integrating digital solutions into their workflows and systems, our clients gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Quality & Compliance Training

We are at the ready with robust and customizable GMP training and guidance to provide our clients with current regulatory guidance on Good Manufacturing Practices. We provide onsite and remote support services to provide targeted workshops, GEMBA walkthroughs, and reports to help our clients achieve regulatory compliance and train their workforce.

Operational Excellence Enablement

We partner with our clients to streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance operational efficiency. Our develop methodologies, procedures, and global programs to enable our clients to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and drive continuous improvement throughout their organizations, ultimately delivering value to patients and stakeholders.

How we do it

Client-Centric Approach: We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals, allowing us to deliver customized solutions that address their specific requirements. Our collaborative and responsive approach ensures that we are always aligned with our clients’ objectives and deliver sustainable outcomes.

Industry Insight and Thought Leadership: We stay at the forefront of industry trends, regulatory developments, and emerging technologies. Our thought leadership and deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries allow us to provide our clients with strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and actionable insights that drive their success in a rapidly evolving market.

Focus on Value and Impact: We are dedicated to delivering tangible value and measurable impact to our clients’ organizations. We work closely with our clients to define clear metrics and success criteria, ensuring that our solutions drive meaningful results and contribute to their overall business objectives.

Our Trainings

NEW! Data Culture

This is an Introductory course to the topic of Data Culture in Healthy Authority Regulated environments. This course establishes the current Regulated landscape in context with Digital Transformation, Advanced Digital Technologies, and Data Analytics. 

NEW! Data Quality Management

This is an Introductory course to the topic of Data Quality Management. This course explores strategies to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability as well as to learn techniques for assessing and improving data quality within regulated environments. 

NEW! Data Governance for Leadership

This course is designed to equip leaders with insights into establishing robust data governance frameworks as well as understanding how effective governance enhances decision-making and regulatory compliance. 

Good Manufacturing Practices

This is an Introductory course to the topic of GMPs. The purpose is to teach a comprehensive understanding of cGMP principles and regulations, and to learn how to implement quality standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing and ensure product safety and efficacy. 

Data Integrity: Basic Training

In this introductory course, attendees will discover the fundamentals of data integrity and its critical role in regulatory compliance as well as explore best practices to prevent data breaches and maintain the accuracy and reliability of records. 

Data Integrity: Advanced Training

The follow up course to Basic DI Training, Advanced Training is designed to deepen your knowledge of data integrity with advanced techniques like addressing challenges in electronic systems, audit trails, and compliance with evolving regulations. 

DI Auditor Qualification

This course is designed to help participants become proficient data integrity auditors. Learn techniques to assess and validate data management processes for regulatory compliance and quality assurance. 

Process Mapping

This is an Introductory course to the topic of Process Mapping and its importance in pharmaceutical operations. Learn to visually represent workflows, identify inefficiencies, and enhance processes for better outcomes. 

Laboratory DI & Good Documentation Practices

This course explores data integrity in laboratory settings and its purpose is to help participants acquire skills to maintain accurate records, ensure compliance with GxP regulations, and uphold good documentation practices. 

Meet Your trainers

Kir Henrici

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Meg Gallwitz

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Great question! We are currently working on building our on-demand training catalogue. It’s not available yet but connect with us on LinkedIn and we’ll keep you updated once our on-demand training platform is up and running. 

Do we ever! Yes. Henrici Group delights in creating custom trainings that suit your unique organizations’ needs and preferences. Whether you’re a startup or a leviathan in the industry, pharma or medical device, we’ve got you covered in terms of being able to create a comprehensive bespoke training program or series that will help your industry and speak to your processes. For more information on how to get started, you can reach out to our COO, Carmella Laughlin at [email protected] to learn more.